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IBU2 Specs

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1 IBU2 Specs il Gio Giu 27, 2013 12:35 pm

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The Italian Battle Unit 2 Full-Option (hereafter addressed as IBU2) is an electronic board that replaces completely the electronics of a RC tank.
A short list of its main characteristics:
• The IBU2 directly interfaces, in case of Heng Long tanks, with traction motors, turret rotation, barrel elevation and recoil or BB shooting. The cable plugs, disconnected from the original RX18, can be plugged directly into the IBU2 without any modification.
• The IBU2 interfaces directly with the IR battle system (if present) making it compatible with Tamiyatm IR standard and supporting IR receiver flashing leds.
• All sound effects are of digital quality, amplified and customizable (audio samples are read from a microSD card supplied with the IBU2).
• The IBU2 must be connected to a 4 channel receiver (AM, FM or 2.4Ghz), allowing to drive the tank using a proportional transmitter.

• Support for Li-Po batteries with battery pack voltage monitoring and over-discharge protection.
• Main lights On/Off control.
• Support for servo barrel recoil.
• Tank functions available even with engine stopped (turret rotation, shoot, etc.).
• The IBU2 has optional tank momentum simulation, to give the feeling of driving a tank weighting tons.
• The IBU2 still offers the special ‘Bergepanzer’ (repair tank) function, as found on the IBU 1, and therefore back-compatibility towards the IBU1.
• Proportional control of turret rotation speed.
• Bi-directional control of barrel elevation without any hardware change
• Proportional control of smoke generator, synchronized with engine. The smoke generator can be switched On/Off, too.
• Support for rear/brake lights
• Support for Heng Long Xenon flash
• Direct connection of Tamiya battle system and recoil mechanism

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