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Proportional control of smoke generator, momentum

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Stransky Olliver

Hi there,
at first it's a great part for tanks with many options and especially a low-cost alternative for "old tanks".
I have 2 questions about the IBU2:
Tank momentum simulation - is it o.k. that i have after restart (OFF-ON) the momentum is off and i have to activate again
Smoke generator - i use another smoke generator connected direktly to the LiPo (7,4V) because he needs approx. 1,4Amp and i'm not shure if the slot "Smoke generator" on the circuit board take it.
The fan is conected to the slot.

Thanks and sorry for my english
a very satisfied buyer  Very Happy 

Admin Borealis

Hello Gerald,
First the smoke: your custom solution is the best for smoke generators with high power and will give you the best result. It might work also with normal connection, but with the custom one you did you will be sure to obtain the best possible effect.
Just be careful not to overheat the smoker if the tank is left with power switch ON but engine stopped (meaning the fan will be idle, but the heat resistor will be hot). I suggest you make some heating tests at the workbench.
As for the momentum that is correct: the default status at tank startup is momentum=off.

Stransky Olliver

Hi Borealis,
thanks for your answere, i thought by myself this would be the best and safest way for the circuit board and the smoker.

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