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Micro SD card size

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1 Micro SD card size il Ven Giu 28, 2013 1:40 pm


Is there a limit to the size of the Micro SD card used?

I’m thinking next time I meet with other RC tankers their probably want to hear different sound sets. So rather than having to take my laptop maybe just preloading a few Micro SD cards to different tanks so all I do is swap over the Micro SD cards. Problem is the cards I’ve got are 2Gb or 8Gb so might not work?

2 Re: Micro SD card size il Mer Lug 03, 2013 8:00 am

Admin Scooter

Hi Tankbear
The use of a 8/16 Gbyte microSD should have no issue, but you must format the memory using FAT16, otherwise it will not work.
This operation can be tricky because sometimes Windows override your choices and format the card in order to have the maximum disk space available.
If this occurs you can try from command line in DOS Shell.

3 Re: Micro SD card size il Mer Lug 03, 2013 8:21 am

Admin Borealis

Just an addon: according to the FAT16 specifications, the maximum formattable size is 64000x64Kb cluster size= 4 Gb.

Therefore any microsSD card bigger than 4Gb cannot be formatted to its full capacity.
The suggestion is to use the 2 Gb one, which is way more than enough to hold all the soundsets (a 64Mb one would be enough).

4 Re: Micro SD card size il Ven Lug 05, 2013 11:26 am


Well at moment I still haven't managed to get the 2Gb card to work even though it is said to be formatted to FAT16. Might be because I’m using windows 8, anyway I’m trying on the computer at work with win XP and I thought I use the DOS shell command. Now I didn’t know how to use the command line so found the below on the internet, and shared here so info is available in one place to help others in same situation.

“In XP or Vista you can specify the file system with no trouble. Just follow the FORMAT command with the switch /FS:FAT (FS for File System). You can also specify NTFS or FAT32. I usually put /V: and the volume label on the command line too - otherwise the FORMAT command asks you for it later. So the command FORMAT G: /FS:FAT /V:OLD_DRIVE would format the removable drive G: using the FAT16 file system and give it the volume label OLD_DRIVE all at once.”

5 Re: Micro SD card size il Ven Lug 05, 2013 11:51 am

Admin Borealis

Sometimes Windows xp claims to format using FAT 16, but indeed uses FAT 12 if the cluster size and the support capacity are small enough.
But if you force windows to set the cluster size to the smallest possible value (i.e. 512 bytes), it will be forced to format to Fat 16.

Therefore, under windows xp, open a Dos command prompt (type 'cmd' under Start/run) and input the following command line (assuming the microSD logical unit letter is G, otherwise put the correct one):

format g: /FS:FAT /V:IBU2 /A:512

This will format the microSD to a real FAT16 using 512 bytes cluster size and setting the volume name to 'IBU2'.

This should work, let us know.

6 Re: Micro SD card size il Ven Lug 05, 2013 6:56 pm


No still no luck. Tried the format g: /FS:FAT /V:IBU2 /A:512 method but got error message saying cluster size to small, format failed.

So tried format g: /FS:FAT /V:IBU2 which said it worked but still the IBU2 doesn't see it.

This is all on Windows 8. So I will try next week when back at work with a Win XP computer.

7 Re: Micro SD card size il Ven Lug 05, 2013 8:51 pm

Admin Borealis

If the SDcard is 2Gb, try again changing the /A:value to 32K:


format g: /FS:FAT /V:IBU2 /A:32k

8 Re: Micro SD card size il Mar Lug 09, 2013 9:15 pm


I tried formatting as said on my latop (win8) it went through the process (take a couple of minutes) but still the IBU2 didn't play the sounds.

Then tried on work computer (winXP) not certain if the process worked as it did it in a split second. Even tried a 8Gb card but when I chesked it still said it was FAT32 so guess it wasn't doing it. So when I tried them in the IBU2 again didn't work.

So looks like 2Gb micro SD card isn't going to work.

9 Re: Micro SD card size il Mer Lug 10, 2013 6:26 am

Admin Borealis

Over 2 Gb size it is forced to use Fat32 in order to address all the clusters up to full capacity, therefore no chance to make it work. 2 Gb is the theorical limit of Fat16, but from your testing it looks like it's not going to work either. Smaller size cards are required: difficult to find them nowadays, but they usually sell them for nothing since they are not the mininum standard anymore.

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